Call 352-242-2900   |   HOURS: Open Everyday 7am - 10pm

Call 352-242-2900  |  Hours Every Day 7am - 10pm

Welcome to the Laundromart of Four Corners, LLC

Our Laundromat is green friendly, equipped with new, Hi-Tech, Speed Queen coin dryers and washers which use less soap and give cleaner and faster washes. Read more...

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Not Your Typical Laundromat

Come in and experience our modern, air-conditioned laundromat and enjoy flat screen TVs, video games, free Wi-Fi, and an adult lounge. Fresh brewed gourmet coffee is also available.


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Fast Laundry Service to Saves You Time and Money

Our popular wash-dry-fold service lets you spend less than 5 minutes dropping off your laundry and 2 minutes to pick it up clean and folded. Plus, it's usually done in 24 hours!

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