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Property Management Laundry Service

Finding a trusted and quality property management laundry service is important for every property manager serving clients and guests in Kissimmee FL and surrounding areas. We understand the challenges of washing bulky items like quilts and comforter. We also know property managers are faced with frequent, high-volume laundry jobs typical when preparing vacation properties for new guests. Not to worry! At Laundromart of Four Corners, we offer customized laundry services tailored to the unique needs and demands of the property management industry.

Property Management Laundry Service You Can Count On

In the hospitality and tourism industry, quality and timeliness are paramount to keeping your guests and clients happy. At Laundromart of Four Corners, we deliver top-quality laundry service to our property management customers. We offer a wide range of options and can customize our laundry services to your particular needs.   

Property Management Laundry Services

When you choose us to handle your laundry service needs, you can rest assured you will receive:

Quick Turnaround Time

We value the importance of your time and know your clients and guests expect the best. From clean linens and towels to fresh comforters and quilts, we make sure all items and clean and ready for your pick up on time, seven days of the week. We pride ourselves in delivering absolutely clean laundry with same day service if you can drop them before 11 am!

Disinfecting Machines and Detergent

Linens and towels and other items typical in laundry Comforters and quilts and other bulky items have to be properly washed with detergents that are strong enough to kill germs and bacteria but still gentle enough to maintain quality. Our high-performance, hi-tech washers and dryers, and special detergents make sure that all germs are removed from items and still look clean and in great condition.

Stain Removal 

Vacation goers and travel guests can generate unexpected stains. When you choose our laundry service this includes stain removal (as long as the stain hasn’t dried up already). We can remove dirt, ink, wine, grease, grass and vomit stains. NOTE: Removal of blood or pet hair is excluded.

Clean Facility

We are very serious about maintaining cleanliness and hygiene at our laundry facility. We ensure that our store is cleaned twice daily – once in the morning and once in the evening! This makes our facility one of the cleanest laundromats in the area.

Ease of Payment

We accept Visa/Mastercard, Debit Cards, Coins, EBT Cards, and Laundromat of Four Corners’ Wash Cards. Laundromart of Four Corners is dedicated to providing quality laundry services at competitive prices. Just let us know how we can provide a solution that works best for your business needs and budget. 

Open EVERYDAY – Our facility is open every day from 7 am – 10 pm (last wash 9:15 pm). So we are always available to help you out!

Whether you’re managing properties for a real estate investment group or handling a few vacation rentals, let us know how we can solve your property management laundry needs. When you need a trusted property management laundry service, you can count on Laundromart of Four Corners to get the job done. Call us today (352) 242-2900 to get started.

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