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Coin Laundry Near Kissimmee

When you’re looking for a top quality coin laundry near Kissimmee, Disney World, Champions Gate, or the Davenport and Celebration areas, Laundromart of Four Corners is your best bet! We’re in the convenient Publix Super Market at Summer Bay shopping complex.

Our state-of-the-art coin-operated laundry is well equipped to handle your laundry needs. We have commercial machines that range from standard size washers and dryers to industrial 80-pound, large capacity machines.

Best Coin Laundry Washers and Dryers

Our Washers

  • State-of-the-art Machines. Our modern state-of-the-art machines are the new highly efficient, hi-tech “Speed Queen” front loaders. The different sizes of washers handle numerous load sizes that enable you to get your laundry done more efficiently and effectively. Sizes include:
    • Double Washer – handles 2 loads of laundry
    • Triple Washer – handles 3 loads of laundry
    • Quad Washer – handles 4 loads of laundry
    • Six-Load Washer: handles 6 loads of laundry
    • Eight Load Washer: handles 8 loads of laundry
  • 24 Minutes Wash Cycle. All our machines wash much faster than others, taking only 24 minutes for 1 wash cycle, while other washers take 30-40 minutes per load!
  • Save Time & Money. We help you save money as our machines require less laundry detergent than typical machines. For instance, our prices start at $2.99 for our double load machine and it completes two loads for using half the soap of standard washer.
  • Efficient. Our washers extract more water out of your clothes, ensuring less time in the dryer!
  • Soft on your clothes, but hard on stains! Our machines, keep the feel and finish of your fabric intact, while successfully remove stains from your clothes and bedding. (Of course, stains should be treated before washing and don’t dry an item with a stain to prevent the stain from setting in.)
  • Wash and dry in an hour!
Tia in coin laundry near Kissimmee

Self-Service Laundry with a Clean and Dry Guarantee

Whether you drop off laundry for our Wash-Dry-Fold service or you prefer a Do-It-Yourself approach of a coin laundry, we offer you our Clean and Dry Guarantee:

Clean Guarantee

If you feel your clothes aren’t clean after going through the wash cycle, you can use the washer to run another wash cycle again for FREE

Dry Guarantee

If your load of laundry doesn’t dry, you can continue drying it for FREE – no need to add more money to the dryer!

Our Dryers

  • Small, Medium or Large Dryers. Depending on the quantity of your clothes, you can choose from our Small, Medium or Large dryers. Our Large dryers are big enough to dry 2-3 comforters at the same time while a Small dryer can handle 1 queen size, quilted, medium thickness comforter.
  • Front Load Dryers. All the dryers are front loaders which makes it convenient for accessing to load your wet clothes. We guarantee all your clothes will come out completely dry from these machines.
  • 34 Minute Dry Cycle. Every dryer has a dry cycle of just 34 minutes! If you feel like your load didn’t dry completely, we will continue another dry cycle for free!

Wash and dry 8 loads of laundry in less than an hour!

You’ll love the convenience and time-saving results from our washer and dryers.

  • High Quality – High-Efficiency: All of our washers and dryers are cleaned at regular intervals and well maintained to ensure high quality of service to our customers. Environment-friendly and eco-friendly, our ‘green’ machines and heaters are high efficiency. The lights and signs at our facility are all LED lights and LED signs.
  • Customer Convenience and Satisfaction: Customer convenience and satisfaction is always our top priority.
  • Self-Service Laundry Made Easy. Nothing is more frustrating than trying to do laundry with a machine that is difficult to operate and we make it easy. Our machines are easy to use with instructions readily available. We make available Wash Cards are available in six different languages with instructions on how to operate our machines to make it easy if you are interested in doing your laundry yourself at our facility. Plus, when you use our Wash Cards to make your payment, you get a 10% extra bonus on every $10 or more cah loaded on your card.

Why Choose Us?

  • We are open EVERY DAY from 7 a.m. – 10 p.m. (last wash 9:15 p.m.)
  • Pickup and drop service, every day!
  • Wash, dry, fold services available
  • Turnaround time is the same day if you can drop off your clothes by 11 a.m.
  • State-of-the-art facility with quality, eco-friendly laundry equipment
  • Friendly, comfortable environment with lots to do – use free Wifi, watch TV, grab a snack, get your shopping done, visit a salon, read a book, play arcade games! When you get your clothes washed and dried at our laundromat you’re close to the many conveniences of the Publix Super Market at Summer Bay Shopping Center. You’ll have clean clothes and save time!
  • Reliable, top-notch service – our professional, experienced staff pays meticulous attention to make sure that each and every garment that leaves our laundry is absolutely impeccable!

Spend more time with your family and save money with Laundromart of Four Corners! Let us take care of your everyday chore of doing your laundry, or helping you get it done in less time.

Just give us a call to learn more!

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