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Wash and Fold Laundry Services

Looking for quality laundry services near you? Whether you are looking for the best wash and fold laundry service to do the washing and drying for you or you prefer to do it yourself at our laundromat, our laundry facility is well-equipped to meet your needs.

Doing laundry can be a very tedious, daily chore that must be done. Let us help you here!

Laundry Services with a Clean and Dry Guarantee

Whether you want us to do your laundry for you with our Wash and Fold Service or you prefer a self-service laundromat approach, we offer you Clean and Dry Guarantees: 

Clean Guarantee - If you feel your clothes aren’t clean after going through the wash cycle, you can use the washer to run another wash cycle again for FREE 

Dry Guarantee – If your load doesn’t dry, you can continue drying it for FREE - no need to add more money to the dryer!  

Wash and Fold Laundry Services

Wash and Fold Laundry Services

When you use our convenient Wash and Fold laundry service (wash-dry-fold), you’ll enjoy:

Quick Drop Off and Pickup

We make it easy to drop off laundry and pickup quick, every day of the week! It takes around 2 minutes to drop off your laundry and 2 minutes to pick it up, which means in less than 5 minutes you and your clean laundry will be on your way!

Laundry By the Pound

Our wash-dry-fold service is convenient and easy and priced based on per pound weight. We offer for those delicate comforter/bedspread a special enzyme wet/wash method.

Stain Removal

Our wash and fold laundry services include stain removal (given that the stain hasn’t dried up already). We can remove dirt, ink, wine, grease, grass and vomit stains. NOTE: Removal of blood or pet hair is excluded.

Why Choose Our Laundry Services?

  • Eco-friendly & Chemical Free: We use eco-friendly, chemical-free detergents that are soft on your clothes and helps increase the longevity of the fabric and color. However, at the same time, they are hard on the stains, ensuring they are removed.
  • Environment-friendly Machines: Our environment-friendly machines are new, hi-tech, hi-efficiency machines that are faster, gentler, use less detergent and rinse more water out of your laundry than typical machines. This means your laundry will spend less time in the dryer and help your items last longer.
  • Same-Day Laundry Service: When fast turnaround is important, our same day service is available if you drop off your clothes at our store by 11 a.m. at No Extra Charge!
  • Open Daily: We are open EVERYDAY from 7 a.m. – 10 p.m. (last wash at 9:15 p.m.)
  • Friendly, Inviting and Comfortable Environment – We greet each customer with a friendly smile and show honest and sincere appreciation towards them. Our professional laundry attendants are always around to answer queries and help with different needs at the laundry.
  • Wide selection of amenities – Keep yourself busy as we do your laundry. Watch TV, snack on yummies, shop, visit the nail salon, read a book, play arcade games and even get your car washed as your clothes get washed and dried at our facility!
  • Reliable, Top-notch Service – Our laundry pros pay meticulous attention to make sure that each and every garment that leaves our laundry is absolutely impeccable!
  • Customized Laundry Services – You can let us know your laundry preferences and we will return your items just as you had requested them.
  • Save More Money! When you use our Wash Cards, you get a 10% extra bonus on every $10 or more (cash) added to your card. This card is perfect for those who frequently use our convenient laundry services.

Save time, save money and leave all your laundry worries to us! You can count on us to deliver the laundry services options you need!

Contact us to get started today!

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