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30 Mar

Choosing an Eco-Friendly Laundromat

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Doing your laundry might seem like a simple daily chore but it can have an immense impact on the environment. Today many are concerned about ways to help the environment and be more eco-friendly in their daily lives. One step you can take is to use an eco-friendly laundromat when you do your laundry. But how do you know if your laundromat is eco-friendly? We’re here to help.

5 Features of an Eco-Friendly Laundromat

As a busy Kissimmee laundromat, we have come up with five great features of an eco-friendly laundromat. Read on to learn more!

1. High-Efficiency Machines

Today the best laundromats have high-efficiency front-loading washing systems and are serious about efficiency and saving water. These high-efficiency washing machines use only half the water used by traditional washing machines. Depending upon how busy the laundromat is, that’s a savings of almost 1 million gallons of water per year!

2. Washing Cycle

Many laundromats avoid hot washing cycles as it helps save a lot of energy spent in heating the water. Using cold water helps save over 1500 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions per machine, per year. Some laundromats have opted to use solar power to heat water just in case any customer insists on a hot washing cycle.

3. Detergents

Many laundromats today use or make available organic detergents. These natural products are plant-based, safe for the environment, and as a bonus, are not harsh on the skin. They are biodegradable and when bought in bulk, give optimum returns. Non-chlorine bleaches are eco-friendly. They do not emit any harmful fumes in the process of whitening your clothes.

4. Quality Dryers

The efficiency of the dryer increases if the lint traps are clean and regularly maintained. This also reduces the amount of time the dryer takes to dry your clothes. In addition to the dryers, a laundromat that has skilled and experienced staff on hand to keep machines in top running condition makes a big difference.

5. Digital Payments

Many laundromats today have digital payment options like net banking, debit/credit cards, savings cards and provide digital receipts once payment is made. These methods eliminate the use of paper, thereby reducing any carbon footprint, making it a very eco-friendly laundromat.

Choose Our “Green” Laundromat

At the Laundromart of Four Corners, we take pride in calling ourselves a “green” laundromat in the Kissimmee area. Ours is a state-of-the-art laundry facility with all new, hi-tech machines that range from standard size washers and dryers to industrial 80-pound capacity machines. The highly efficient, eco-friendly Speed Queen front-loaders wash much faster, use less soap and rinse more water out than the other machines. This means less time on the dryer saving you time and money! We offer convenient payment options as we accept all credit cards including Amex cards. We are easy to find in the Publix at Summer Bay shopping complex just a 1/4 mile East of Hwy. 27 at:

17445 US Hwy. 192, Suite 1, Clermont, FL 34714.

Let us take care of at least one of life’s monotonous chores for you – your laundry! Free up your time to do things you never seem to have time to do! Contact us to learn more about our eco-friendly laundromat and our top-quality wash and fold laundry services. Call (352) 242-2900 today!

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