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30 Jun

Laundromat Tips to Keep your Summer Clothes Looking Great

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Before taking your laundry to a laundry facility, it is always better to know how to prepare for your laundromat visit, how to use the services at the facility to the optimum to get the best results. The know-how depends largely on the type of laundry, you are taking to the laundromat to clean – summer clothes, winter jackets, comforters, quilts, etc.

Summer is here so let’s take a close look at how to best use a laundromat to take care of your summer clothes. Read on for our best tips.

1. Wash According to Color and Fabric Type

Summer is the time for lightweight clothing, cotton clothes, and a lot of whites! Before visiting a laundromat, be sure to separate your clothes according to color and fabric. Many people still prefer washing the whites separately with bleach, although there are laundry products that contain bleach in them and can be used to wash whites and colored colors safely. Again, remember, washer and dryer settings differ for different types of fabric – while silk clothes are mostly dry-cleaned only due to their delicate nature, cotton clothes are strong enough to withstand a standard wash and dry cycle. As silk is a natural fabric, it makes for cool summer wear, especially with an airy cut!

2. Summer Clothes Clean Best with a Quality Laundry Detergent

Somehow there is a tendency to believe that using hot water to clean clothes makes them cleaner faster and helps remove tough stains. Using a good quality laundry product, however, works much better than using hot water which can cause your summer clothes more harm than good!

3. Do Not Over-dry Summer Clothing

Do not over-dry your summer clothes. Using longer dryer settings can make the cotton ones shrink. Before putting them in the dryer, sort the weight of your clothing, calculate the dryer time and set accurately. Take the help of any laundromat staff to help you with the timing if you do not know.

Extra Tips

  • Always check wash instructions on your summer clothes before taking them to the laundromat
  • Use the recommended amount of bleach as pouring more of it can damage the fabric of your clothing
  • Remove pins or buckles, close hooks, empty pockets, and turn them inside out, zip zippers, secure Velcro and don’t button buttons before putting your clothes in the washing machine.

Count on Four Corners Laundromat to Launder Your Summer Clothing

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Why worry about your laundry when we are here?! Sit back and relax, spend quality time with your loved ones while we take care of all your laundry needs! Contact us today to see how we can help you!

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