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26 Feb

Tips to Get Your Kids to Help at the Laundromat

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Laundromat and kids do not seem to go together, do they? Well, they do! Children can actually help you a lot with your laundry – before, during, and after your visit to a laundromat. There are jobs for every age, which vary according to complexities. Let us take you through a quick guide on how to get your kids to help you at the laundromat. Keep reading!

Before Going to the Laundromat

  1. Sort and Separate – Even preschoolers can do this! Ask your kid to sort your laundry before you put them in the laundry bag. He/she can easily separate the whites, the lights and the darks. This will be a great fun way to even teach your preschooler colors and opposites!
  2. Read Clothing Labels – Middle schoolers and high schoolers can read labels and follow instructions, keeping your clothes ready for the laundromat. For instance, some labels say dry clean only, some say wash in cold, some say turn inside out, etc. Your middle schooler can act accordingly and help sort and prep the clothes for your trip to the laundry facility.
  3. Treasure Hunt – Emptying the pockets of your jeans, shirts, etc. to make sure that nothing is in them before taking them to the laundromat is a tedious exercise. You do not want pen ink stains or torn dollar bills or even a melted credit card to come out of the washers or dryers at the laundromat! Your kid can help ensure that none of this happens. Show them once how to empty the pockets and be rest assured that they are going to be pros in no time! Also, teach them to unbutton shirts, unfurl socks, zip the zippers, remove pins, and secure velcro, so that they are ready to be taken to the laundromat.
  4. Spot the Stain – Ask your kid to “spot the stain” in the clothes you want to take to the laundromat so that you can pre-treat them before the trip. If you have a kid who is in fourth or fifth grade or above, they can themselves pretreat the stain for you!

At The Laundromat

Older kids can actually handle everything at the laundromat, from the start to the finish with a few easy instructions. They can:

  • talk to the laundry staff and pass them wash instructions as required.
  • check the washer before putting the clothes in to ensure that there are no leftovers from the previous wash
  • once the wash is over, make sure to take all the clothes out of the machine and put them in the dryer

After the Laundromat Trip

Once you are back home with your clean laundry, you can ask your kids to help you:

  • fold any clothes not folded at the laundromat,
  • use hangers for any of the clothing items that need to be hung in closets, and
  • put them in the closets or drawers in their designated places.

Remember, while trying to help you out with your laundry, kids can (and will) make mistakes! It is a way of learning and never repeating laundry mistakes. A kid who messes up now will surely take extra care in the future – so you are good! And, as a bonus, you are setting them up for success as adults!

Bring Your Kids to the Laundromart of Four Corners

At Laundromart of Four Corners, we welcome children! We are a locally owned and operated state-of-the-art, environment-friendly laundry facility serving the busy localities of Davenport, Kissimmee, Reunion, and Celebration FL areas. We have new, hi-tech large commercial machines that use less detergent and wash faster, saving you both time and money. Our friendly and professional staff is always there to help you with your queries and any problems that you face in our facility. We accept Visa/Mastercard, Debit Cards, Coins, EBT Cards, and Laundromart of Four Corners’ Wash Cards. Plus, when you use our Wash Card, you get a 10% bonus on every $10 or more purchased (card can be loaded in $10 increments). For instance, for a load of $10, you get $11 on the Wash Card.

Follow our laundry tips, pack your laundry bag and visit our laundromat! Call us for more details.

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