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25 Aug

7 Things to Check Before Using a Washing Machine

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You have loads of work to do and still need to get your laundry done. With no time to waste, you hurriedly put your dirty clothes and other items in the washing machine and rush out. When you come back and take clothes out from the washer, you are shocked to see your favorite shirt with a big ink blotch on the pocket or your skirt with a rip or tear. You realize, if you had checked your clothes before using a washing machine, you could have prevented all of this!

Wondering if it would be easier if you had a list of what to check for before you start the washing machine? We got you covered! Check out our list below.

  1. Pens – Always check the pockets of your shirts and pants for pens that you had used at work or school. Pens easily break apart during the wash cycle causing the ink to spread and damage your clothes. Now you’ve got to deal with removing a stain!
  1. Pet Hair –  You probably love cuddling your pet like all of us do! That and a lot of other things can leave a lot of pet hair on your clothes. Remember to remove pet hair from your laundry before putting them in the washing machine as this hair can form clumps, get stuck to the sides of the machine during the wash and can even clog drains and pipes.
  1. Lingerie – While it is best to hand wash your lingerie and other delicates, sometimes you might just be too busy to do it and just chuck it in your washing machine instead. The hooks and wires of your lingerie can tear other clothes and also cause scratches and damage to the machine.
  1. Keys – Forgetting house keys or car keys in your pocket is very common. Not taking them out before putting them in the machine can not only cause damage to other clothes and the drum of your machine, but also can cause your car keys to short circuit.
  1. Sneakers – Cleaning your running shoes or sneakers in the washing machine is not recommended even if the washing instructions on the tag of your shoes state that they are machine-safe. If there is no way you can wash them on your own, follow these precautions before putting them in the washing machine:
    1. Remove the insoles or any inserts
    2. Put each shoe in a separate bag or pillow case
    3. Put many towels in the machine to act as a protective covering
  1. Clothes with stains that can catch fire – Sounds impossible, but it can actually become a reality. Fabrics heavily stained with flammable liquids like gasoline, alcohol, paint thinner or cooking oil can cause an explosion or fire in the machine due to friction. It is always better to pre-soak such clothes with heavy-duty detergent before putting them in the machine.
  1. Coins – Mistakenly leaving coins in the pocket of your clothing can cost you more than you think! The sheer force of the wash movement of the machine can cause coins to shatter the glass doors of front-loading machines. Smaller coins can make their way to the drain pump of the washer and damage your machine.

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When you visit Laundromart of Four Corners for your laundry needs, you can always count on our friendly and professional staff for help. They are always available to address any questions and help make your laundry experience the best it can be.  

Just follow our tips and check your clothes before using a washing machine, or better yet, drop your laundry off at our facility and we’ll do it for you. Pick them up, washed, dried and neatly folded and you’ll be on your way!

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