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28 Feb

Tips for Washing Dog Beds & Blankets

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Just like you love sleeping in a clean bed, your pet dog loves it too! Dog beds and blankets are often bulky and thick which means getting them clean can be a challenge. Not to worry! Keep reading to learn some valuable tips that will make washing your dog beds and blankets easier and more efficient.

Tip 1Removing Pet Hair

  • Cleaning Fido’s dog bed requires more than just surface cleaning. Before putting your dog’s bed or blankets in the washing machine, you need to start the cleaning process by vacuuming properly. This will help remove pet hair to a large extent, ensuring that the washing process is more effective and easy. Washing them directly without vacuuming will result in clumps of pet hair sticking to your clothes in the machine and even clogging drain pipes.
  • To loosen pet hair from the fabric, you can add half a cup of white vinegar – a natural and inexpensive fabric softener -to the washing machine’s rinse cycle. Adding white vinegar will help relax the fabric and loosen the hair.
  • Another great tip is to use sticky tape (packing tape, painter’s tape, etc.) or a lint brush. Both methods work well in helping you remove pet hair from dog beds and blankets.

Tip 2Avoiding Allergies

Like humans, some dogs have allergies and sensitive skin. Keep this in mind when you are washing and cleaning your dog beds and blankets each week. Keeping their bedding clean on a regular basis helps reduce discomfort to sensitive skin. To keep your dog safe from any allergies due to the washing, opt for a natural detergent and an extra rinse cycle. 

Tip 3Killing Germs

For washing the dog beds and blankets, instead of using cold temperature water, use warm to hot water as it will help kill germs and insects that may be on the bed.

Tip 4Removing Odor

To remove the odor from your dog’s bedding or blankets, soak them in warm water with ¼ cup of baking soda solution. Keep them soaking in the water for at least 15 minutes for best results.

Tip 5Removing Stains

For stains, apply a non-toxic stain remover directly over the stain and spot clean using a clean towel. Make sure to rub gently to avoid damaging the fibers of the material.

Tip 6Drying Dog Beds and Blankets

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to dry the dog bed and blankets in the dryer. Choosing the perfect dryer setting will help kill germs. You can even opt to hang-dry the bed and blanket in a well-ventilated area which helps to prevent mold and mildew. For larger blankets and dog bedding, consider using a larger commercial size dryer found at a high-quality laundromat.

Follow these laundry practices and you’ll be sure to keep your dog beds and blankets clean and fresh!

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Visit our laundromat today to wash your dog beds and blankets – just be sure to follow our tips to reduce pet hair and dirt before washing! Contact us today!

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