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30 Jul

Washing Blankets is Easy at the Laundromat

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A good night’s sleep is impossible without clean blankets and sheets. Your bedding accumulates a lot of dust mites, body oils, sweat, and dead skin cells over a period of time. Washing them at home is not a wise decision as they are bulky, voluminous, and require a lot of space in the washing machine to be washed properly. The Solution: head to the Laundromat of Four Corners and leave washing blankets to us!

How Often Should You Wash Blankets at the Laundromat?

This depends on a lot of factors, the most important being, how often you use them. If you use them once in a while, washing them every few months works well. If you use them every day, washing blankets too often can ruin the fabric whereas washing them too rarely can cause dust and mites to build up. Striking the perfect balance in in timing is vital.

A regularly used blanket will do well if you take them to a laundromat for a nice wash once every few weeks. However, if you have pets at home that you cannot sleep without, your blanket and sheet consider washing them once every 3-4 days. Also, it is advisable to wash your blankets and sheets more often in the summer months, as you are more likely to sweat on your bedding. If you have seasonal allergies during summer or spring, washing sheets more often may help relieve your symptoms. Take your bedding to a laundromat immediately after recovering from an illness as you want to save yourself and your loved ones from any persistent germs.

Tips To Wash Your Blankets in a Laundromat

  • Use warm and not hot water when washing blankets. Hot water can cause the fibers in the fabric to shrink or breakdown over time
  • Opt for the delicate cycle to avoid causing any damage to your blankets
  • Go for the extra rinse cycle to make sure there is no soap residue on your blanket
  • To restore the soft feel of your blanket, instead of using commercial softeners, use distilled white vinegar to the final rinse cycle
  • Carry a mild detergent to the laundromat that is specially used for delicate fabrics.
  • Ensure you have dried your blankets properly paying attention to labeled instruction. Keep in mind, if they are wet, mildew can form.
  • If you are washing more than one blanket at the laundromat, consider dividing them into different loads so that water can properly circulate through them
  • Avoid using a bleach as it will break down the fibers of the fabric

Laundromart of Four Corners – Your Local Laundromat

We are a locally owned and operated state-of-the-art laundry facility serving the busy localities of Davenport, Kissimmee, Reunion, and Celebration FL areas. Our environment-friendly machines are new, hi-tech machines that are faster, use less detergent, and rinse more water out such that they spend less time on the dryer. We use an eco-friendly, chemical-free detergent that is soft on your clothes and helps increase the longevity of the fabric and color. Our dedicated laundry attendants pay meticulous attention to make sure that each and every item of laundry that leaves our facility is absolutely impeccable! Be sure to let us know your laundry preferences and we will return your items just as you had requested them! 

You can sit back, relax and leave all your blanket washing worries to us!

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