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31 Dec

Using High-Efficiency Laundry Detergents at the Laundromat

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Every top-notch laundromat today offers has high-efficiency machines that use less water, less detergent and save you both time and money. But how do you know what laundry detergent is ideal to use at the laundromat? For best results, always use high-efficiency detergents as opposed to regular detergents at the laundromat. But why, you may ask. What are exactly high-efficiency detergents? Read on to learn more!

What are High-Efficiency Detergents?

As there are two different types of washing machines, there are two different types of detergents for use:

  • regular or traditional detergents, and
  • high-efficiency or HE detergents.

Regular or traditional detergents are used in traditional washing machines, while high-efficiency detergents are compatible for use with high-efficiency washers. At our laundromat, we provide Speed Queen high-efficiency washing machines to ensure our customers get great results with their laundry.

How Do You Identify the Type of Laundry Detergent?

High-efficiency detergent bottles have an ‘HE’ sticker on them readily available on packaging. Also, they are a bit more expensive than regular detergents, but they have they last longer as they are concentrated and condensed compared to regular laundry detergents. If you do your laundry at Laundromart of Four Corners, we make it easy for you by making HE laundry detergent available for purchase.

Why Use High-Efficiency Washers?

There are benefits to using high-efficiency washers. First, they use less water compared to wash a load of laundry than a regular washing machine. In fact, a high-efficiency washer uses approximately 11-14 gallons per load on average, while a regular washer uses double that amount at approximately 27 gallons. As an eco-friendly laundromat, we provide high-efficiency washers since they reduce the waste of water and adjust the amount of water used according to the size of your laundry load.

If you use traditional detergents in HE machines, it will create a lot of bubbles that will not be properly rinsed in such machines. Also, the bubbles can hinder the tumbling mechanism of high-efficiency washers, cause them to leak and even damage the electronic system of the machines.

Additionally, as HE machines use less water, they will not properly wash away the suds and the soil they contain. This sticky combination can lead to the growth of mold inside a washing machine, also contributing to odor inside. This is why it is important to select a laundromat that has helpful staff dedicated to keeping the washing machines clean and sanitary.

To make sure you have the best results with your laundry, always use HE detergents in HE machines. They cause fewer bubbles and are formulated to hold soil in suspension in the lower volume of water so that it is not re-deposited onto your clean clothes. High-efficiency detergents are very effective and the best option for high-efficiency washers.

How Much Laundry Detergent Should You Use?

  • Always read the labels and guidelines on the HE detergent bottle for proper directions on how much to use
  • Ideally, for a normal load of laundry, use one to two teaspoons of high-efficiency detergent

Remember, using too much HE laundry detergent can lead to other various problems like clothes soiled with detergent, stiff and scratchy fabrics, and so on.

Our High-Effeciency Washers at Laundromart of Four Corners

We are a state-of-the-art facility offering a friendly and inviting environment to our customers. Our machines are all new, hi-tech machines that range from standard size washers and dryers to industrial 80-pound capacity machines. The high efficiency, eco-friendly Speed Queen front-loaders wash much faster, use less soap and rinse more water out of your laundry. This means your laundry spends less time in the dryer than the other machines, saving you time and money!

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Don’t have the time to do your laundry? We’re ready to help you with quick and easy wash-and-fold laundry service free up some time in your busy schedule. Contact us today to learn more about our laundromat and our top-quality laundry services. Call (352) 242-2900 today!

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